Pre-Stretched Hand Wrap 17.5 X 1476 29GA FSTPS1829

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17.5 X 1476 29GA  4 Rolls per case


Pre-stretched hand film is the perfect combination of quality and cost savings. Blown film is stretched, which creates a hazy appearance, and then rolled onto standard cores. This type of film is known to have better cling than Cast films, at better prices than Blown film. Main advantages are:


·         Limited edge damage due to rolled edges


·         Better film memory when wrapping loads


·         Lighter rolls easier to manage


·         More consistent stretch and tightens after applied


·         Puncture resistant


·         Cost savings from consumption and price





Pre-Stretched hand wrap is blown stretch film that is extruded and re-rolled to provide major benefits. The film can outperform many “cast” films, and has equal clinginess.  Some of the benefits of this pre-stretched film are:

  • Lightweight and easier to apply
  • Cost effective
  • Puncture resistant with no edge damage
  • Stretch is consist and has film memory

This durable film uses less material for each pallet wrapped, and has lower costs. Users are quickly realizing the benefits to this wrap and finding areas to switch over to it


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